Artist Statement

My current body of work is about energy in all of its forms, classifications and definitions.shutterstock_75587278

I use whatever material and media are needed to bring the concept into being, from traditional oil painting to sculpting on-site using garden mud.

I arrange and define both the work and my processes into series: an organizing system for my very pliant working style.  

Some series are very specific, as in My Manhattan Project, a series of installations exploring U.S. nuclear history. 

Some, more general.  Evolution for example, is ordered according to the interconnectedness of concept (evolution), subject (pineal gland, shedding residue), form (performance, 2D & 3D work, installation) and material (leather, mud, found object).   

Some, such as Domesticated Nature, refers to both process (skinning, the act of surfacing one material over another) and material selection (velvet/domestication, skinned over rock/nature for example).

And some works, such as my World Wide Water Project (an on going interactive project involving audience collaborators) relate to and cross reference all. 

My installation work often includes temporary components or materials, such as on site surfacing in the form of mud or sand drawings, that act to directly tie the work to it’s exhibition site.

Currently, I am moving the second installation in My Manhattan Project,  pinkStardust, toward completion and exhibition.

I am also exploring work informed/inspired by pinkStardust.  This evolving series, working title Mushroom/Cloud(s), is taking many forms and using a variety of materials. 


Questions, comments, conversations about my working process are welcome at my email address.

Thank you for your patience, curiosity and interest.


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