'skin' - detail, Zen Garden
skin – detail, Zen Garden.  Poured and combed mud
Systems Within window installation. 1991
Systems Within
Systems Within window installation - detail of the mudman, eroding. 1991
Systems Within – detail, mud man.  Sculpted mud, eroding.
Detail of the "Zen Garden".jpg
skin – detail, Zen Garden.  Poured and combed mud.
Imperfect Offering installation, group exhibition - 2017
Imperfect Offering – mud, pebble & copper ribbon.
Imperfect Offering – detail.
Koi Pond – outdoor study.  Bas-relief in mud.
Garden mud trompe loi - detail, eroding female reclining mud buddha.jpg
Mud Buddha – outdoor study.  Bas relief in mud, eroding.
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