Mixed: fabric / metal / paper

"skin" gallery installation - detail, wind chime, copper cutouts & copper tubing.  2001.jpg
skin – detail, Wind Chimes.  Copper cut outs, copper tubing.
skin instllation - detail, scale models of Honshu & Kushu islands skiined in military uniform linings.  Atomic bombing sites marked in red wax chrysanthemums.  2001.jpg
skin Honshu and Kyushu.   Scale models skinned in military uniform linings with red wax chrysanthemum cutouts marking atomic bomb sites.
"Gold heart"  Cast nickle, painted.  Approximately 2" x 2"..jpg
“Gold” Heart.  2 ” x 2 ” cast nickel, gold paint.
skin installation - detail, Water Offering.  Plaster pedestal skinned in monkey fur, burned, topped with punch bowl..jpg
skin – detail, Water Offering. Pedestal skinned in singed monkey fur, punch bowl, water.
"Imperfect Offering" gallery installation, group exhibition - detail, copper ribbon with song lyrics written on it.  2017.jpg
Imperfect Offering – detail, copper ribbon inscribed with song lyrics.
"they sang before the dawn.." - detail, spade foot toad information boxes.jpg
“they sang before the dawn…” – detail, origami spade-foot-toad boxes, containing pinkStardust a-bomb facts.
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