World Wide Water Project


Artist soaking paper in the Mississippi River.  I-80 border of Iowa & Illinois, USA.  10/2018

Buy a roll of brown, unwaxed paper.  Tear into 22″ x 17″ sheet.  Fold the 22″ in half to create a 2-page sheet – finished size 11″ x 17″.  Open the pages and gently immerse the sheet in water – lake, ocean, river, pond, stream, rain, snow melt, other.    As you do this, bless/pray for/intend healing and good life for the water.  When finished, hold the paper up and allow the excess to drip off.  Take a photo (or have someone take a photo) of the soaking if you can.  Document the name of the body of water (if it has one), where it is located and when you soaked the paper.  Return to or send the paper to S.J. Carlisle. Studio 121, Artworks. 310 Railroad Ave., Loveland, CO  80537.  If you like, email a photo the soaking to  Please include the information to match with the soaked paper.

Some locations of WWWP participation include: Cuyahoga River (OH), Cache la Poudre River (CO), Grand River (OH), Baltic Sea (Sweden), the Dead Sea (Jordan), Rio Grande & Rio Taos (N.M.), Big Thompson River (CO).  Also soakings in snow melt in Taos N.M., rain water in OH and water collected in a dehumidifier (out of the air) in OH.  Awaiting the return of soakings during a cruise to the Antarctic.

Thank you for exploring the World Wide Water Project. I hope you decide to participate.

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